DJI Could Launch DJI Mini 3, DJI RS3/RSC3, DJI FPV Mini, DJI Inspire 3, and More By 2022

DJI Mini 3

The latest drones and cameras have become a necessity nowadays for security reasons around the world and hence reducing the threat to Human lives for detective purposes also. The leading manufacturing company in this regard DJI keeps releasing new and updated models. Now, as per the latest rumors or leaks, we can expect many new products such as DJI Mini 3, DJI RS3, DJI FPV Mini, DJI Inspire 3, and DJI Pocket 3 by 2022.

According to the Twitter tipster Deals Drone, this information is not confirmed for all devices except the FPI Mini, Mini 3, and Inspire 3 but we can expect more details at the beginning of 2022. It might be due to certain Research and Development going on within the company due to increasing demand in features of the drones every day.

Moreover, certain features become outdated till the time product is launched from the date of advertisement and hence there is should not be more time between the ad and launching. For example, the software update has been announced by DJI for its Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine drone last month. The updated features were advertised before but not included in the initial product launch. 

The DJI stands for Da-Jiang Innovations and is a technology company headquartered in China with manufacturing facilities around the world. While the company is mainly known for its drones and iphone gimbals, it is also taking lead in Ground-based services like the Robo Master series, Osmo Pocket and Ronin 4D. The highlighting feature of the Mavic 3 drone is the camera and it comes with great picture quality.

I am sure the end-users of the Mavic 3 will be happy to use the device and this looks like a real robot with lens-like eyes watching you. The device sure looks smarter and we can expect the same with future expected devices from the DJI. The expected arrival for DJI Mini3 which is an updated version of Mini2 is February or March 2022 as per leaks.

The DJI pocket 3 is a mini device and is normally used for making small recordings and the same as a smartphone. So we can expect the other devices like DJI RS3, DJI FPV Mini, DJI Inspire 3 to be launched soon in 2022.

Shibli Hashmi is the Staff Writer of Techplusgame, he loves to keep a tab on the latest Technology News and Reviews of mobiles and gadgets.