Alan Wake 2 Teased for 2022 Release At the End of Control’s Final DLC, AWE

Alan Wake 2 To Release In 2022

In the past few hours it has come to light that the existence of Alan Wake 2 may have been hinted at in a way that is far from hidden at the end of Control’s second and final DLC, AWE (Altered World Event).

Before starting with the article, we would like to specify that within this article there are some spoilers related to the latter additional content and to the game itself.

Spoiler Alert:

As Remedy stated during the announcement of AWE DLC for Control, it is basically the first real content included in the “Remedy Connected Universe” project. Actually, the main mission entrusted to Jesse Faden deals with Alan Wake, and also to Dr. Hartman, the psychiatrist who wished to harness the powers of Alan Wake, Andersons, and Thomas Zane within the 2010 game.

In the new AWE DLC, Jesse is communicated via the Hotline by Alan Wake himself, who prompts her to take a look at the monster running in the Investigation Sector. Here, we can see that Dr. Hartman sought to partner with the Federal Bureau of Control to further investigate paranatural phenomena.

However, the FBC considered him a paracriminal and decided to keep him locked up in the Oldest House, even though he was eventually released after being considered only a low threat. Unable to let go of his obsession, Hartman returns to Cauldron Lake and dived, only to be transformed by the Dark Presence present there.

Now as a real paranatural threat, Hartman was again arrested by the FBC in the Bright Falls AWE area of ​​the investigative sector. He broke free, however, and killed everyone in the area, which resulted in the entire investigation department being blocked.

Now, the most fascinating part comes after defeating him. Jesse Faden is contacted by Langdon, the boy in charge of supervising all the altered objects of the Panopticon sector. Langdon has just received an alert about an Altered World Event to be held once again in Bright Falls, but for some strange reason, the date of the event is “a couple of years in the future.”

In addition, the latest message of Alan Wake clearly mentions that he intends to write a story about a hero who would save him from the Dark Place, where he is still trapped by the end of the game. That hero is clearly Jesse Faden.

Fans have rekindled hope for Alan Wake 2 ever since Remedy managed to get the publishing rights back for the IP. At this point, it seems obvious then that a new game set in Bright Falls, called Alan Wake 2 or something else, will be released in 2022 or so!

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