AMD EPYC 9654 “Genoa” CPU with 96 Zen 4 Pictured


A massive AMD processor with an SP5 socket has been spotted online ahead of its release. This could be the upcoming next-generation AMD EPYC 9854 Zen 4 “Genoa” processor with 96-Cores. It could also be one of AMD’s other processors, such as Genoa or Bergamo. While the specific specifications of the processors are still unknown, the image has already revealed a few interesting facts.

The AMD EPYC 9854 96-Core Zen 4 CPU is a high-end model with a full complement of 192 process threads. It’s built using a 5nm process and features 6096 LGA contacts. This CPU has a base clock of 2.15 GHz and can boost up to 3.05 GHz for all cores. The processor’s maximum TDP is 360 watts. AMD also offers a dual-socket version of this processor, the EPYC 9664. While the latter is a high-end CPU, AMD isn’t recommending it for a desktop PC.

AMD EPYC 9654 “Genoa” CPU with 96 Zen 4: Image Courtesy: yuuki_ans on Twitter

As previously mentioned, the 96-Core Zen 4 CPU is part of the new generation of AMD’s EPYC 9000 series. This new CPU will offer 96 cores and 192 threads and incorporate up to 12 CCDs with eight cores each. It’s a huge step up from the previous generation, but there’s more to come.

The EPYC 9864 96-Core Zen 4 CPU is rumored to be in the works. This CPU would be even faster than the EPYC 9654, but it’s still far behind Intel’s top servers, which can deliver 700W. So, is the EPYC 9864 a better choice? Only time will tell.