Pokemon GO: How To Beat Sierra

sierra pokemon go

In this Pokémon Go guide we are going to talk about Sierra and how to beat her strong team. You will also know about the most powerful Pokémon’s which are capable of defeating Sierra easily by countering her teams attacks. So, lets get started.

Who is Sierra in Pokémon Go?

If you want to know Who is Sierra in Pokémon Go?, you need to know the types of Pokémon she uses. Sierra is a water, ice, and psychic-type Pokémon. Its charged attacks are very powerful, and it can deal a lot of damage. She is a good choice to fight against Pokémon like Drowzee and Blaziken. You can also use a Gliscor.

How to Beat Sierra in Pokémon GO

To defeat Sierra’s strong Pokémon, you need to learn how to counter their attacks. Houndoom is associated with Sierra in the storyline, but its high damage can be defended against. You can use strong Pokémon, like Kyogre, to counter its attacks. Pokémon that are weak against Grass, Dark, and Fighting types should be avoided.

The dual-type Lapras and Shadow Sharpedo are easy to counter. Make sure you keep Palkia in your party, which can counter its attack with its strong defense.

When playing as Sierra, try to choose Pokémon that can deal damage with their various types. If you can, pick Pokémon that can do damage to both Sierra’s water, ice, and psychic types. If you can, use Pokémon with fast attacks or charged attacks.

Try using Pokémon that are resistant to poison and weakness. Sierra’s Pokémon lineup will change frequently, so you must constantly be prepared to switch Pokémon often. Luckily, there are many strategies that can help you beat Sierra and her hard bosses.

First of all, learn how to use Gliscor. You must remember that the elusive Pokémon is weak to Rock and Ice. You can also use a few Fairy Pokémon to get around Sierra’s defenses. For example, you can use a Gliscor to counter the Shadow Sharpedo, while the Fairy-type Granbull is an excellent choice to avoid fighting against her.

In addition to the three Pokemon listed above, Sierra also uses one Shadow-type Pokemon that is weak to Grass and Rock-type moves.