How To Get Soul Of Night in Terraria


One of the most unique items in Terraria is the Soul of Night. Its a is a Hardmode crafting material While it isn’t a crafting material, you can acquire it by killing certain enemies in the underground caverns. These enemies drop this item with a 20% drop rate on Expert Difficulty and higher.

The easiest way to obtain a soul of night is to kill enemies that drop this item. The best places to kill enemies are those with Ebonstone and Crimstone bodies. Once you have killed an enemy, the soul will be dropped at their head position. If you can’t kill the Wyvern with a sword, you can use a bow to slay the Soul of Night.

For a Summoner, Plantera is the best summon. This item allows the player to summon a lizard with ease. In the game, Plantera will spawn in the underground jungle. This item is not available in other biomes. If you want to summon Plantera, you need to equip her with a Blade Staff and Hallowed Armor. Alternatively, you can use a Pygmy Necklace and Berserker’s Glove.

You can also craft a weapon by using a summoning item. When you have enough souls, you can craft a new weapon and equip it. To craft a summoning item, you need to gather at least 69 souls.