Hideki Kamiya Wants to Make Okami 2, Scalebound, Viewtiful Joe 3 & More If Fans “Email Capcom”

Hideki Kamiya Dante VS Bayonetta

Hideki Kamiya is one of the most prolific creatives in the history of video games in Japan and proof of this are the titles he has directed, which have left their mark on the industry demonstrating his talent and that of the teams he has led. Hence the desire to see a new installment of properties such as Okami or Viewtiful Joe remains on, however, it is known that those IPs belong to Capcom and that Kamiya has been doing his thing in PlatinumGames for years, but at some point, the roads of both companies could cross.

During his presentation at a conference held at PAX East 2020, Hideki Kamiya was questioned about the franchises of yesteryear in which he worked and if he would put his hands on it again in case the opportunity was given, especially because it is about games that were developed during his time at Capcom, Clover Studio or with PlatinumGames but the rights were left to other companies.

In that sense, Kamiya replied: “Okami 2.. Scalebound.. Viewtiful Joe 3.. Dante VS Bayonetta.. Devil May Cry 0.. I want to make everything! ..please email Capcom.”

Although the idea sounds unlikely, we can still imagine that at some point it could become a reality because both Capcom and PlatinumGames are living a great moment right now. Capcom with the reunion with its fans thanks to the treatment it has been given to its most important IPs and PlatinumGames with the recent investment of Tencent that has ensured the stability of the company and the development of new projects such as BABYLON’S FALL, Project GG and others that are coming on the way.

Rajesh Vish
Rajesh is a video game enthusiast and he is also the editor here at TechPlusGame.com.