Interesting Smartphone Games for Puzzle Lovers

Games for Puzzle Lovers

You may find yourself bored and without a gaming console or computer to play your favorite games, which happens pretty frequently. You can download and play a lot of games from the Google Play store. Puzzle games are one of the game types that players never get tired of playing. They are entertaining and don’t often feature a lot of violence, unlike many other games. 

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Here is a list of all the top puzzle games you can play on your phone if you’re also looking for entertaining puzzle games that you can play on your Android device.

Bomb Club

In Bomb Club, a lovely ensemble of cautious bomb enthusiasts help you navigate a vast landscape of puzzle levels that are all centered around the art of detonating bombs.

Each level’s objective is to detonate every bomb on the stage, with extra points awarded if you can also detonate any available fireworks. Although it may seem extremely straightforward, the game has a great deal of complexity through the employment of many bomb kinds. If you want to complete the level and earn the highest possible score, you will need to utilize and position a variety of explosives, including laser bombs, mega bombs, baby bombs, and many more. 

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is one of the most inventive puzzle games available for mobile devices. You want to look into your neighbor’s peculiar actions. As a result, you regularly break into the house. The neighbor will construct defenses in response to each break-in based on how you enter and leave. Your strategy needs to be carefully adjusted. 

This game, which was also fairly popular on the PC, performs virtually the same tasks on mobile devices. This one includes both thriller and horror elements. The cost of this one is high. The price adds some sting to the criticism. However, the game is still entertaining and has a unique premise.

Brain It On!

The engaging puzzle game Brain It On! challenges you to use unconventional thinking to advance through each level. You add lines, shapes, weighted items, or anything else you think will help each screen by using your finger or a stylus. 

As you advance through the more than 200 levels, the challenges and creativity increase. Stars are granted for completing each level, doing it within the allotted time, and using the fewest number of forms possible. Future levels in the free edition can be unlocked by obtaining stars. The only downside of the free version is the advertisements. 

The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara is a relatively recent puzzle game that shares many features with Myst and other vintage adventure puzzle games. Users meander through a cosmos looking for hints, learning secrets, and assembling the tale from fragments of the game’s reality. It features 3D world exploration and very good graphics and illustrations. 

The developers complete the game with support for numerous languages, achievements, and a direct gaming UI that prioritizes the game’s environment. This game doesn’t have many problems, although the controls can occasionally be difficult.

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

2018 puzzle game Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is a puzzle game that has several puzzles such as those in video games for consoles like ‘The Witness’. There are various boards you must figure out, and the game’s each stage out of 18 stages have a unique puzzle and storyline. The series’ first two games, of which this is the third, are likewise really great. 

The three games come with a great volume of entertainment when played together. In the third game, nine of the levels are without charge, but the rest have a cost. The earlier games are similarly inexpensive.


A few illustrative panels are present in the game Gorogoa, where players arrange the panels to create a narrative. The game requires you to arrange thousands of drawings, which eventually advance the story when combined. It primarily relies on the artwork to communicate the tale instead of letting the player read a lot of text. The storytelling style is engaging, and the puzzle pieces are manageable. It is an excellent puzzle game, especially for fans of the arts.

Chess Light 

Chess Light is more of a puzzle game that clearly draws inspiration from the game of chess but isn’t exactly like the classic chess game. You can choose from six different degrees of difficulty and around 180 puzzles.

Besides that, by playing this game you can avail yourself hints if you ever are stuck. The best part is that this game is free to play. 

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley 1 and 2 are two of the Play store’s most popular games. MC Escher inspires the puzzle strategies used in the games. You must turn and twist in several areas of the level if you have to progress forward. The games are not difficult. They offer a more peaceful interaction rather than being challenging. 

However, the Monument Valley games undoubtedly look fantastic. Without a question, the aesthetic is commendable. In addition to the Forgotten Shores DLC, the original game has a few stages. The next game is merely somewhat longer than the first.


So, if you’re seeking puzzle games that are both interesting and intriguing to play on your Android device, these games are ideal for you.