How to Level Up Fast in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

GhostWire Tokyo Level Up

If you’re looking for a quick way to level up in Ghostwire: Tokyo, the quickest way to level up is to absorb spirits. You can use your Spectral Vision to see through walls and highlight collectibles. This will help you gain XP and Meika, which you can spend at the many Nekomata shops throughout the city. You can upgrade your Spectral Vision by buying more from convenience stores and finding them in shrine altars.

Katashiro can also help you level up fast in the game, it is an item in Ghostwire: Tokyo used to capture spirits. To get more Katashiro, you need to take in spirits. The spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo can account for dozens or even hundreds of souls, so you’ll need to collect a lot of them to get more experience.

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However, you can easily acquire more Katashiro by visiting convenience stores or shrine altars. If you want to level up faster, concentrate on getting more Katashiro.

In the game magatama is another item that allows you to upgrade Akito’s Abilities in Ghostwire: Tokyo. In order to get more magatama, you’ll need to level up quickly. The best way to do this is to collect as many ghosts as possible.

You can purchase a few of them from shrine altars or by performing side missions. If you need to earn money to level up, you should try to take up side quests. This will allow you to get more magatama and money.