New Lost Ark Classes Coming To NA

Lost Ark

2 advanced classes make their way to Lost Ark

Lost Ark has been available in the Asia market for quite a while now. It has just recently made its way to other regions of the world. However, Lost Ark gained a stunning amount of players in the West when it was released. Considering the game is not caught up to the Korean version, that is an amazing achievement. We all know how players hate feeling gimped on content. Having said that, Lost Ark still has a staggering amount of players playing online. It is to be expected that there will be a surge in players in April and May. Why? Because two new advanced classes are coming.

The Glaivier advanced class comes out in April while the Destroyer advanced class will release sometime in May. Sure, these aren’t whole separate new classes, but advanced classes in Lost Ark still have unique playstyles compared to other sub-classes. These classes already exist in the Korean version of the game. It is unknown if they will have any changes compared to the Korean version, but both of these classes look like a blast to play. 

Luckily, all new classes will be free. Your Lost Ark account will have these classes automatically ready for you. However, if you have no character slots left, you will need to use your in-game Lost Ark currency to purchase more slots.

Anyway, let’s jump right into what you can expect from these new advanced classes.

Glaivier (New Martial Artist Advanced Class)

Glaivier is a new advanced class for the Martial Artist in Lost Ark. This is the first class that is releasing sometime in April. The Glaivier is also known as the Lance Master in Korea. Much like the other Martial Artist advanced classes, the Glaivier is a quick, combo-heavy class. The Glaivier fiercely cuts through her opponents with two weapons: a spear and a glaive. Each weapon serves a different purpose on the battlefield. 

The spear is the shorter ranged weapon of the two. The spear unleashes a torrent of attacks while in the Flurry stance. The glaive has a longer range and focuses on enemies’ weaknesses. The glaive has wide sweeping strikes and lethal attacks with pinpoint accuracy. Learning how to master and balance both of these weapons in combat will require strategy. Using one weapon builds up energy that can be used to make the other weapon and stance more deadly. 

This makes the class a bit harder to learn than other classes. But if you are up to the task, you will be pulling off combos and free-flowing through combat with ease.

Players will feel right at home if they like dishing out a lot of damage while also having a lot of mobility and versatility. Like with other classes, players can spend Lost Ark currency on skins and cosmetics, to make their new character feel different than others.

Destroyer (New Warrior Advanced Class)

The Destroyer is the second new advanced class to be added in Lost Ark. This class will become available to all players sometime in May. Destroyers are massive hammer-wielding behemoths. What Destroyers lack in speed, they make up for in sheer attack power. The Destroyer can lay waste to enemies thanks to his strong AOE attacks, ground smashes, and the ability to bend gravity as they see fit.

The Destroyer class can dish out big damage, while also being able to take it as well. This advanced class is centered around bringing the fight to the enemy by pulling enemies to him or charging into the frontlines. This is the fourth advanced class for Warrior.

More Classes To Come?

As I stated earlier, the Western (English) version of Lost Ark is still a bit behind the Korean version. The Korean version of Lost Ark has more classes that have yet to make it into the Western version of the game. It is likely that these will come at some point. There is no reason for one region to have access to exclusive classes. Some of these classes are Summoner, Scouter, Reaper, and a few more. Again these new classes are free and won’t require any Lost Ark currency to buy. Unless you need more character slots.

The Summoner is probably coming soon as well. The Summoner was going to be in the final release of the Western version. However, the developers and publishers made the decision to replace the Summoner with the Sorceress advanced class instead. So we will probably see the Summoner sometime this year or early next year. That’s just my guess. 


In short, you can expect these new classes to hit North America very soon. If you are looking for a beautiful and elegant glaive and spear-wielding class, then the Glaivier will be for you. Destroyer is the exact opposite. The Destroyer class is all about the devastation and slow, but powerful hammer blows to crush enemies. If this sounds like something you might like then this advanced class is for you. Be on the lookout for these classes in April and May.