PlayStation 5 Output Will Be Limited in First Year, High Price At Launch Reported

PlayStation 5 Logo

According to reports, Sony is planning to supply limited PlayStation 5 consoles in the first year than it did with the PlayStation 4. In addition, the ambitious specifications of the console would ensure that the price of the new Sony console around launch will be high.

The reason for these plans, according to Bloomberg, is the global pandemic. This prevents Sony from carrying out its planned promotion. However, the website indicates that the production capacity is not affected by COVID-19. The company will market between 5 and 6 million PlayStation 5 consoles in the fiscal year running to March 2021. The PlayStation 4 sold 7.5 million consoles in the first two quarters.

The price tag of the PlayStation 5 can also influence this. Game developers working on titles for the next-gen console think the price will be somewhere between $499 and $549. This will probably translate to 499 euros and 549 euros in Europe. Sony is struggling to put a price on the new console, according to Bloomberg, mainly because the PlayStation 5 has parts that are scarce at the moment.

To compensate for this, according to Bloomberg, Sony plans to offer the PlayStation 4 cheaper and generate more income through the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions. In addition, there is already a spanner in the works for Sony’s promotional plans. For example, there may not be a press conference where many people will be present because it is simply not possible in this situation.

Furthermore, according to the report, Sony also had to announce the DualSense earlier because the company was afraid that the controller would leak online. Finally, the PlayStation 5 release date is unlikely to change. The only thing that can ensure that Microsoft delays the release of the Xbox Series X. Until this happens, the PS5 will not be delayed either. In order to convince the market, it may even be that both consoles are sold at a loss at the beginning.

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