PUBG MOBILE Anniversary-themed Ranked Mode Detailed


PUBG MOBILE is celebrating its fourth anniversary with an anniversary-themed ranked mode. A new patch version 1.9 will begin rolling out to players. The update is designed to help you celebrate the special occasion. To get your hands on it, make sure your network is stable and your device has enough storage. In addition, you can now get 3,000 Battle Points, 100 Ace Gold, and a Nocturnal Rhapsody helmet. The new 4th Anniversary Celebration-themed gameplay will give you a taste of the holiday. You’ll also be able to try out the new Livik map and the Erangel map. You can also dye giant statues with colored balls.

During the fourth anniversary, PUBG MOBILE has revamped its Classic Mode maps. To commemorate the special occasion, the game is themed with colors. The giant statues have been dyed in colors to mark the fourth anniversary.

Once players color the statues, they’ll trigger a special performance. Additionally, the aerial battlefield has a new feature: colorful puppets. They’ll grow in size when attacked by enemies and float in the air. Once you’re eliminated, the colored statues will grow in size.

During the fourth anniversary, PUBG Mobile also introduced new themed vehicles. During the event, players can now use a mountain bike to get around the map. A second theme is the ‘Cycle Memories‘ mode. This feature will allow players to unlock commemorative titles and souvenirs. The new PUBG MOBILE update will also include a new, fourth-anniversary-themed ranked mode.