See How To Get Started In DayZ With These Beginner Tips


DayZ is a difficult game to play and even a more difficult one to master. Don’t be bothered; we’re here to guide you into DayZ. Every survival game requires concentration, patience, and carefulness. So, you need all you can get in terms of tips, tricks, and advanced tools to help your gameplay. 

So, take some time now and grab the tips we’ll provide in this article which will be a huge addition to your DayZ survival hacks. Also, you need to boost your survival chances on DayZ with aimbot that are always available for use.

Beginner Tips to get started on DayZ

  • Hunger can get you killed in DayZ

If you’re familiar with survival games, this tip should be a no-brainer for you. You need to make sure your character doesn’t starve. More important is your ability to find the food and have access to the food. When you’re around living quarters, your best bet is to look for a living house or a car.

You can also get some food from dead zombies you find on your way. Some of the food you’ll find in DayZ will be contained in cans – you’ll need a knife or an ax to open the cans. You can also hunt animals for meat if you have a spear on you. However, note that you’ll need to learn how to make a fire to cook your meat.

  • Thirst is a thing in DayZ.

Just as is the case with food, you’ll need to keep your water level constantly replenished. Fights are a quick way to run you down on your water level. If you get badly injured during any fight, you need to replenish your water level as soon as possible. 

Clean water is the best you can use to quench your taste in the game. As such, make sure you know the closest well to any location you find yourself. Moreover, other items in the game can quench your thirst; they include Spite Lemonade, Sodas, and other Nota cola. 

  • Too much damage will deplete your health.

Common with survival video games is health tabs that show your health status. Even without getting caught up in fights or taking damage, your health will naturally deplete. However, the rate at which your health depletes is dependent on how frequently you get hit.

DayZ has no magic potion that will instantly return your health to its fullest. You need to keep your blood and energy levels at their best to maintain your health. Since your blood level is dependent on water, make sure there’s a well around you.

  • Be prepared for hostiles.

Other players in DayZ are not meant to attack you on default. However, you may come across some newbies in the game who will naturally attack anyone, thinking they’re threats. We advise that you keep your cool whenever you encounter other players in the game.

These players can turn out to be useful allies in the future. However, you must always be cautious as they may become backstabbers. After all, who wouldn’t want to have an easy kill and get away with some easy loot? In addition, always know this – Zombies are never your friends.

  • Get key items for survival.

You’ll come across plenty of loot at different locations in Chernarus. Amongst all the loots you’re collecting, make sure you have the following items: a gun, a knife, a backpack, water, and food. Some locations that hold loots in good amounts include military bases and shacks.

You’ll also find loot in cars and civilian-looking buildings. The important thing about gathering loot is knowing how to use it. For example, you need to know what tool you need to open your canned foods. You can either use an ax or a knife – both will spill some of the can’s content – the knife is your best tool in this case.


DayZ doubles up its survival game features with some first-person shooter gaming experience. You’ll also have some experience with some gruesome-looking zombies. However, before you dive into the game only to get ripped apart by deadly zombies or hacked to death with a pickaxe, make sure you’ve had a firm grasp of the tips we’ve provided above and must be aware of lavicheats dayz safest hack.