Sifu Deflect & Parry Mechanic Explained


The Sifu deflect and parry mechanic is a nifty and very fun addition to the combat system in the game. This action-platformer lets you dodge an enemy’s attack by ducking to the side. While this mechanic is very effective, you’ll likely find yourself tapping down more often than up, especially in boss battles and against certain types of enemies. As a result, you’ll find yourself tapping down more often than up, but the mechanic can be frustrating when you need to duck.

While you’re learning the Sifu deflect and parry mechanic, you’ll also need to master a few tricks. First, you’ll need to learn the timing required to dodge and parry an enemy attack.

It’s important to keep your timing and avoid getting hit as much as possible, so try to avoid being caught by surprise. Sifu’s deflect mechanic is particularly helpful in avoiding damage and allowing you to parry incoming attacks.

Here are the official tips on the deflect and parry mechanic in the game.

When parrying, you’ll need to time the deflect mechanic perfectly in response to an enemy’s attack. The timing for the deflect will vary from enemy to enemy, but the end result will be the same.

Successfully blocking an attack will leave the enemy stunned for a short time, while the deflected attack will deal a high amount of damage to their Structure bar. However, you can also parry an opponent’s attacks and reduce their damage.