Silent Hill Possibly Teased By Kojima Productions and Game Creator

Silent Hill

Since the end of the development of Death Stranding on PS4, which will be also released on PC in a few months, we know that Hideo Kojima is very busy on his next project, which seems to be a survival horror title. And if we thought that the Silent Hill (PT) project is definitely dead and buried, it could well be that the title is again in development, at Kojima Productions.

On the official Twitter account of Hideo Kojima, and some of the people close to the Silent Hill, we can indeed see some serious clues pointing to the upcoming announcement of the return of the horror game started long ago at Konami with Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus.

To put it simply, we can, for example, read a tweet with the word “silent” written on it, see a pen in the shape of a pyramid and in his note it is written “Next Week”. We indeed know that the man in question would agree to rework on a game of the license if and only if he had the right to kill Pyramid Head.

On the other hand, Masahiro Ito, historical creator of the first three episodes of Silent Hill, has published a tweet that seems to allude to the arrival of a new chapter in the series.

In his tweet, Ito openly referred to the well-known horror franchise, writing; “Pyramid Head, R.I.P.”, thus wishing an eternal rest to the iconic boss of the second chapter. A message that undoubtedly leads us to think, especially if we relate it to a specific tweet that Ito published in 2017, in which he communicated that he would take part in the development of a new Silent Hill only if he managed to kill Pyramid Head.

More information will be given in the weeks or months to come, but obviously Silent Hills could rise from the ashes in the coming years. Finally, we also know that from Konami’s side, two projects on the Silent Hill series are under development. Could an agreement between Konami and Kojima Productions have been found?

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