New Dino Crisis Game Cancelled By Capcom – Rumor

Dino Crisis

Some reports indicated that Capcom was preparing several surprises for certain franchises. After hearing that the developer was working in remakes, users began to speculate about a return of Dino Crisis; however, information came to light that fans of this series will not like.

The renowned industry informant, Aesthetic Gamer (also known as Dusk Golem) revealed bad news for Capcom fans, as he indicated that a Dino Crisis game was in development but did not come to fruition and Capcom stopped working on it. The situation for fans of the series worsens, as he mentions that after this there are no plans related to IP.

“[The development of] A Dino Crisis game was actually started a few years ago, but then scrapped and buried, and the franchise, for now, is still extinct for the time being,” the user said.

Added to this, Resident Evil fans may not be very happy either, because Aesthetic Gamer also announced that one of the most remembered installments of this series, Resident Evil: Code Veronica is not planning to return in the form of a remake. However, the informant announced that next year will be good for every fan of the zombie franchise as he commented that a new game apart from the Resident Evil 3 remake will arrive at some point of the next 366 days, but said he will talk more about it when Resident Evil 3 is available.

Unfortunately, Aesthetic Gamer did not reveal more details. We leave you with the informant’s messages below.

As on other occasions, these are unofficial details, so there is always the possibility that they are not true. However, it should be taken into consideration, it has been the same user who has revealed details that have been true about the Japanese developer. In fact, a few weeks ago, Aesthetic Gamer was the one who revealed that Silent Hill would return with 2 games. This information is not yet confirmed, but apparently an announcement of this franchise could occur next week.

Another user also mentioned a few weeks ago that a horror game would be on its way to PlayStation 5 and would be in charge of a renowned developer. That said, the details may be correct, but as always we recommend taking this information with a pinch of salt, as it may not be accurate.

Although the game may not be from Dino Crisis, Capcom is working on a new project, which was not announced yet taking advantage of the changes in the development and launch of PlayStation 5.

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