SPARKLE Intel Arc A310 ECO and SPARKLE Intel Arc A380 GENIE Graphics Cards Launched

SPARKLE Intel Arc A310 ECO
Image: Intel

SPARKLE has launched two new graphics cards featuring Intel Arc GPUs: the SPARKLE Intel Arc A310 ECO and the SPARKLE Intel Arc A380 GENIE. These cards are designed for users who require low-profile, efficient graphics solutions.

  • SPARKLE Intel Arc A310 ECO: This model is a low-profile, single-slot GPU with a single fan, designed for compact builds or media PCs. It has a reduced power profile of 50W and does not require external power from a PSU. The card features 4GB of GDDR6 memory, with a memory speed of 15.5 Gbps and a 64-bit memory interface, providing a total memory bandwidth of 124 GB/s. Its engine clock speed is 1000 MHz, and it includes HDMI and mini DisplayPort outputs. The card’s dimensions are 69mm in height, 156mm in length, and it weighs 202g.
  • SPARKLE Intel Arc A380 GENIE: This card is a more powerful option with a 75W low-profile, dual-slot, and dual-fan GPU. Like the A310 ECO, it doesn’t require external power and comes with three display outputs (1 x HDMI and 2 x mini-DisplayPort). The A380 GENIE includes 6GB of GDDR6 memory on a 96-bit memory interface and offers a higher engine clock speed of 2000 MHz. The card’s dimensions are 75mm in height and 145mm in length, and it weighs 360g.

Both graphics cards are packed with Intel Arc technologies, including AI-enhanced Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) for improved image quality and performance, DirectX 12 Ultimate support with hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and full AV1 hardware encode and decode. They also support Intel Deep Link Technologies for enhanced performance in systems combining Intel Core processors and Intel Arc graphics.

These new offerings from SPARKLE cater to a range of needs, from light workloads and media servers to low-fidelity gaming, particularly in small form factor PCs. Pricing and availability details are yet to be confirmed.