The Last of Us 2 Plot Reportedly Revolves Around LGBTQ Prosecution (Spoiler)

The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 was delayed indefinitely but some gameplay clips were leaked on the net recently. Today, a new source emerged that could have revealed the main plot of the next title of Naughty Dog.

Beware that the report indicated below contains a huge spoiler, so proceed ahead at your own discretion.

According to a report on Reddit, the main story of The Last of Us 2 circles around the prosecution of LGBTQ people and the villains in the game are homophobic Christians.

The person who provided this information says he is the relative of someone working at Naughty Dog, and it is also a fact that the same post was later deleted because of DMCA take-down, making it a legitimate source. You can check all the information below:

– As you know TLoU2 will be Ellie centered obviously. The stories main driving point is the romance that briefly kindled between Dina and Ellie.
– Ellie and Joel are distant because of Joel being controlling stemming from the decision in TLoU but are starting to try and mend their relationship.
– There is a love triangle of sorts, not exactly a triangle as its just two people who love Dina, being Jesse and Ellie.
– Jesse (asian guy from the trailers) and Dina were a couple. Dina is bisexual .
– When Jesse and Dina are on the outs of their relationship Dina starts to make advances on Ellie.
– Due to Dina being the girl every guy wants and having a history dating men (men being a central driving force in this story) Ellie is cautious and is unsure of how serious Dina is.
– However after several flirtatious gestures Ellie begins to question if Dina really does loves Ellie, and Ellie ultimately begins to fall for her.
– Act 1 concludes with Diana and Ellie sharing an important intimate moment solidifying the relationship played through act 1.
– That is until they are interrupted and attacked by a religious sect called the Seraphites (one of 2 “groups we encounter, the other being the WLF).
– Jackson is also attacked.
– Dina is killed in this attack.
– The Seraphites believe they are angels cleansing the wasteland. The old ”the end of the world is cause of the sinners” trope.
– Anyone that is not a Seraphite is considered a ”wolf’ or ”enemy to the flock (the Seraphites)”. They also refer to themselves as ”lambs”
– In the vein of SJW baddies, the Seraphites dont like gays because its a sin.
– This is why all their members are *usually* white males with shaven heads or white women. And the few apostates (traitors) that leave the group tend to be minorities.
– Ellie vows to get revenge on the group.
– Jesse joins her (That is Jesse in the trailer grabbing Ellies mouth, not Joel) as he also loved Dina. He is later killed as Ellie watches.
– Ellie goes to her old house.
– Then Joel joins her. Until he dies too.
– In the trailer you can see the Seraphites hanging people. This is because they use the old medieval method called ”hanging and quartering”.
– They only hang and disembowel former Seraphites. The disembowelment is for traitors or ”Apostates”.
– On the way to avenge Dina they have to cross through WLF territory.
– The leader of the WLF is Marlenes brother.
– Joel Dies and Ellie questions if her quest for revenge was worth losing Joel who she only recently mended her strained relationship with.
– The Seraphites are all immune.
– The cut on the cheek is a test for immunity. An infected knife.
– Flashback happens.
– The Mystery woman in the trailer is Ellies mom.
– Ellies mom was looking for a cure.
– She has a baby with a man that is immune the man is killed for sleeping with a ”wolf” or outsider.
– Marlene and Anna (Mystery Woman) were friends.
– Anna gives birth to Ellie then had Ellie taken away after being born to get her away from Marlene and the Seraphites.
– Marlene (who is WLF) is then sent to retrieve Ellie and eventually finds her, using her friendship with Anna to win Ellies trust.
– Ellie ends up with Seraphite girlfriend who wont turn when they exchange fluids.

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