Vault of the Incarnates Raid Overview

Vault of the Incarnates Raid
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New World of Warcraft expansions always brings fresh and exciting content to explore. And while relaxed or roleplaying gamers awaits an immersive story and breathtaking landscapes, try-hards are preparing for epic raid adventures. 

WoW Dragonflight first raid will launch next week, on December 12. And this Vault of the Incarnates guide is essential if you want to participate in the event and become an efficient member of the raiding party. Let us talk about the storyline, bosses, loot, and other features of the VotI.

The Plot of the Story

Vault of the Incarnates is a giant prison created after primal proto-dragons lost in the war with Titans. Now extremely powerful elementals and entities lurk there, waiting for freedom.

Raszageth, The Storm Eater, one of Primal Incarnate’s commanders, is trying to free the inmates. Once it is done, villains are going to destroy everything created by Titans. Stopping Raszageth and her allies is one more challenge for Azeroth champions!


The prison, surrounded by mountains and lava, is located in Thaldraszus — the eastern part of the Dragon Isles. Getting there is quite a challenging thing to do, especially with new dragonriding abilities. The main advice of this Vault of the Incarnates overview is to get a flying path point in this location.


There are eight Vault of the Incarnates bosses. First, you will face Eranog — a powerful dragonkin with the power to control flames and magma. Next, you will get to choose from two wings of the location with 3 bosses each.

All these enemies are elementals and masters of elements. They control wind, cold, earth, and thunder, so be prepared. Many nasty elemental effects, projectiles, and AOEs await the party. Get some potions and food that grant additional protection.

After you beat them, Raszageth, The Storm-Eater will appear. She is a powerful proto-dragon that has mastered lighting. Electric charges and strikes can deal damage. It is an active enemy, and she uses all her abilities — check the waves from her wings and mighty roars. Raszageth summons electrical minions with unpleasant buffs. The boss has 3 stages, and in the end you face the enemy on a single central platform, so be ready for situative navigation.

Heroic Difficulty Differences

You don’t need to read a stand-alone Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Guide — you can check specific differences bosses have on this difficulty.

  • Eranog. On heroic he spawns magma spikes that damage you if you don’t dodge them. The same goes for additional swirlies.
  • Terros. On higher difficulty, the boss’s swirlies leave zones of damaging earth pulsations.
  • The Primal Council. Some of the enemies’ abilities are buffed — Opalfan’s Earthen Pillars target 4 players instead of 3, Dathea Stormlash’s Conductive Mark inflicts longer DoT, and Embar Firepath’s Meteor Axes deal additional damage due to the vulnerability debuff.
  • Sennarth, The Cold Breath. Be aware of ground webs that the boss spills through debuff. You get 10 stacks — be ready to wait 30 seconds until the stun goes off.
  • Dathea, Ascended. One specific mechanic in this fight is ads spawning. Boss creates them on the main platform, as well as on the three separate platforms. Change the raid pack that deals with these ads each time. Otherwise, a vulnerability debuff will be a huge problem for the team members.
  • Kurog Grimtotem. Kurog deals additional damage with his Primal Shift and Absolute Zero, but also inflicts heal absorbing shield to random raid members. 
  • Broodkeeper Diurna. On heroic difficulty, Diurna’s minions are stronger and have more abilities. For example, Drakonid Stormbringer uses Static Jolt to deal more damage and become faster.
  • Raszageth, The Storm-Eater. Her Volatile Spark runs another powerful hit, and Scattered Charge ability damages additional warriors.

If you will face some trouble, check our Vault of the Incarnates heroic boost. With a little help, your fight will become much more entertaining.


There are many powerful items you can obtain while going through the raid:


Every class gained its own equipment set. Vault of the Incarnates sets are in a similar beige and orange color palette with primal esthetic notes. Yet, it is possible to acquire other colors by completing the raid with different difficulties.

  • Skybound Avenger’s Flightwear (Demon Hunters)
  • Lost Landcaller’s Vesture (Druids)
  • Scales of the Awakened (Evokers)
  • Stormwing Harrier’s Camouflage (Hunters) 
  • Bindings of the Crystal Scholar (Mages) 
  • Wrappings of the Waking Fist (Monks)
  • Virtuous Silver Cataphract (Paladins)
  • Draconic Hierophant’s Finery (Priests)
  • Vault Delver’s Toolkit (Rogues)
  • Elements of Infused Earth (Shamans)
  • Scalesworn Cultist’s Habit (Warlocks) 
  • Stones of the Walking Mountain (Warriors)
  • Haunted Frostbrood Remains (Death Knights)

Item Level

The quality of the items you get mainly depends on the difficulty. Below you can see the Vault of the Incarnates loot table:

Difficulty Item Lvl
Normal 389-405
Heroic 402-418
Mythic 415-430


Now you know everything we wanted to share with you in this guide. You learned more about Vault of the Incarnates raid loot, enemies, and lore. Gather your friends and allies — a massive epic adventure awaits!