YuGiOh Master Duel Tier List- Here’s Our Top Tier List

Starter Decks

Are you curious about the current YuGiOh Master Duel Tier List? Are you looking to improve your chances of winning when playing competitively or against friends? Well, check out our rundown of the top YuGiOh Master Duel decks currently in competitive play! You’ll find our top picks, their pros and cons, and details on how to make the most of these decks in different competitive match-ups! Enjoy!

What is a YuGiOh Tier List

First off, if you don’t know what a YuGiOh Tier List is then you probably shouldn’t be even bothering to read one. Since it can get confusing for those who don’t know about tier lists in Yu Gi Oh I will explain how it works. A Yu Gi Oh master duel tier list ranks all of your cards from top tiers to low tiers based on their viability to win duels. Why do we need master duel tier lists?

YuGiOh Best Decks Tier List

We’ve put together a tier list of YuGiOh duel decks. The Yu Gi Oh Best Decks list is updated often and contains a ranking of all currently legal Yu Gi Oh decks in terms of win rate, popularity and competitive viability.

Tiers – Decks

  • S+ Tier  – Synchro of Unity – Best
  • S Tier     – Link Generation – Good
  • A Tier    – Power of the Dragon – Okay

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What Makes up a Good Tier List

To make a good tier list you need to consider a lot of factors about certain cards, decks and archetypes in Yugioh. It’s not just about putting them in rank order from 1st to 10th and that’s it. You need to also look at their strengths and weaknesses as well as deck matchup ratios, etc. A top tier deck is one that can be used by anyone with ease regardless of skill level.

The Current Forbidden & Limited Cards

As of today, there are 23 Forbidden Cards, and 21 Limited Cards in Yu Gi Oh Master Duel. The current forbidden cards are: Exodia The Forbidden One, Left Arm Of The Forbidden One, Right Arm Of The Forbidden One and Left Leg Of The Forbidden One and finally; Right Leg Of The Forbidden One. These cards have been forbidden since Yu Gi Oh first started 20 years ago.

Starter Decks in Yu Gi Oh Master Duel

Starter Decks are pre-constructed decks that new players can purchase and use for dueling. These sets come in many different styles, but they all consist of the main deck of 40 cards and a side deck of 15 cards. They are perfect for entry-level duelists who may not be familiar with deck-building or creating their own strategy. In general, there are 3 tiers of starter decks in Yu Gi Oh Master Duel: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

In the game, you get three starter decks to choose from including the following.

  • Power of the Dragon
  • Synchro of Unity
  • Link Generation