6 Best Pokemon Emulators for PC


The Pokemon Emulators allow you to play your favorite Pokemon game on PC. You can download the Pokemon emulator for PC for free on the internet. There are a number of popular Pokemon Emulators available that you can download on your PC. In this post, we will talk about the 6 best Pokemon Emulators for PC.

This program allows you to play the most popular games in the popular franchise. The games are based on the Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and Wii. The best emulators can rival the performance of the original consoles. Read on to learn about some of the top options. Then, decide which one to download. Below are the 5 best Pokemon emulators for PC.


NO$GBA is the most versatile emulator. It runs on Linux, Mac, Android, and LINUX. Because it is open-source, it can be modified by users. Its developers are constantly updating the emulator and making it more user-friendly. For PC gamers, it’s a great way to play your favorite games. No matter what your PC type is, there’s an emulator out there for you.


RetroArch is one of the most popular Pokemon emulators for PC. It supports the Day/Night System, cheat code management, transparent text boxes, customizable shaders, and more. This emulator is open-source and you can easily edit its source code.

It also has a comprehensive website with information on updates and how to solve bugs. Another popular emulator for PC is Dolphin. The most popular of the five is RetroArch, which supports both Windows and Mac computers.


MelonDS is another open-source Pokemon emulator for PC. It is compatible with MAC, Linux, and LINUX. It supports the most popular Pokemon games, and it has a simple interface.

It is a good choice for gamers who want to play games from the Nintendo DS on PC. It’s easy to download and use, and its features are extensive. It even lets you record gameplay and save it to watch later.


DeSmuMe is the most lightweight emulator. It offers multiplayer, support for multiple GBA cartridges, and a save slot for NDS ROM files. It also has a lot of features, but its developer has abandoned it. As for DeSmuME, it supports older Pokemon games. Its interface includes the lag counter, FPS, controller, microphone, and other settings.


Citra is the best Pokemon emulator for PC. It allows you to play games from the Nintendo 3DS in full 3D and with interior resolutions up to 4K. You can import your favorite Nintendo games with Citra, but it lacks some of the features of other popular Pokemon emulators.

But for beginners, this is the most recommended Pokemon emulator for PC. It offers several features, including online multiplayer functionality. However, it is not as advanced as a gaming emulator.


Project64 is another excellent emulator for PC. It emulates Nintendo 64 games. Its GUI has a status bar and four rows: game title, plugin, and emulation details.

The interface of Project64 is simple and intuitive. It offers the most compatibility with games from all platforms. The project 64 emulator is the fastest emulator for PC. If you want to play Pokemon emulation on your Android device, you should download Yuzu.