What Are Room Cards In Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max

In Free Fire Max, players can create custom room matches using a Room Card. These are special items that players must have to play these matches. These are used to play user-made maps. Each player can only use a certain number of these cards. Thankfully, they are not difficult to obtain. The first step to getting one is to complete a task in the game. Fortunately, this task is simple and doesn’t require any real skill.

What Are Room Cards In Free Fire Max?

Room Cards are custom rooms in Garena Free Fire Max. A player can create a custom room using a Room Card that is like a custom private room with a limited number of players. Playing with these custom rooms using Room Cards also lets you earn several special rewards for free.

In the game, you can buy and use Room Cards to upgrade your character. Purchasing a new one will cost you in-game money, but they can be resold multiple times. You can also buy additional items for your character by purchasing them with diamonds.

Each room card costs 100 Diamonds and players can find these cards under the “Item” section. You can purchase as many as 10 at one time. You can repurchase them after completing a certain amount of matches, but you have to do this right away.

To claim a free custom room, players must complete a mission. Players must complete the mission before they can receive their reward. To do this, access the events tab and click on “Free Custom Room” from the menu.

In most cases, these rooms cost 100 diamonds each, but you can also get them for free by spending some of your game currency. Just make sure to complete your mission in time!

How to Get Room Cards in Free Fire Max?

If you are looking to get Room Cards In Free Fire Max? then you will have to perform a number of in-game tasks or take part in event matches such as playing two matches in Ranked mode to avail free Room Cards. You will need to perform the following in order to get Room Cards for free.

  1. Craftland Room Card – Play one game with friends
  2. Weapon Royale Vouchers – Play two matches with friends to get two vouchers.
  3. Custom Room Card – Log in for 3 days in a row.
  4. Diamond Royale Vouchers – Play a total of 10 matches to get 2 vouchers.

Above are the in-game event that the developer often brings to free fire players these event matches bring a lot of free rewards to earn and that also includes free Room cards.

There are several other methods that you can use to earn free Room Cards such as complete weekly challenges, Guild – Tournament Reward. You can also get a Room Card by purchasing it with real money etc.