ASUS Launches GeForce RTX 4060 LP BRK 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

GeForce RTX 4060 LP BRK
Image: Asus

ASUS has recently unveiled the GeForce RTX 4060 LP BRK, a low-profile graphics card featuring innovative technology and design. This card is designed for compact gaming systems and is equipped with the AD107-400 GPU, which includes 3072 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6 memory. One of the key aspects of this card is that it does not come with factory overclocking, focusing instead on maintaining efficient thermal performance in small form factor gaming PCs.

The card’s cooling system is particularly noteworthy, featuring a triple-fan cooler mounted on a substantial heatsink, ensuring efficient heat dissipation while maintaining a compact size. Despite its small size, the card maintains a dual-slot design, enhancing its compatibility and cooling efficiency in smaller chassis. This design approach reflects ASUS’s commitment to providing high performance in a compact form.

In terms of technological features, the ASUS GeForce RTX 4060 LP BRK is powered by NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Streaming Multiprocessors, which offer up to double the performance and power efficiency. It also includes 4th Generation Tensor Cores, providing up to four times the performance with DLSS 3 compared to brute-force rendering, and 3rd Generation RT Cores that deliver up to double the ray tracing performance.

The card is also notable for its durability and reliability. It features IP5X dust resistance for better durability and dual ball fan bearings, which can last up to twice as long as sleeve bearing designs. Furthermore, ASUS’s Auto-Extreme Technology enhances the manufacturing precision and reliability of the card.

From a software perspective, the card comes with GPU Tweak III for intuitive performance tweaking, thermal controls, and system monitoring, and QuantumCloud, which allows users to earn extra money by sharing their GPU’s computing power.

Finally, the ASUS GeForce RTX 4060 LP BRK supports NVIDIA G-SYNC display technology, offering a smooth variable refresh rate experience, which is particularly beneficial for AAA gaming.

Overall, the ASUS GeForce RTX 4060 LP BRK presents a powerful option for those looking for high performance in a compact and efficient design, especially suited for small form factor gaming PCs and compact workstations.