Asus ROG UK Starts To Increase GeForce RTX 30 Series Supply

Asus ROG UK Starts To Increase GeForce RTX 30 Series Supply

Asus ROG in the UK released an official statement on its Twitter account apologizing for the availability of Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards.

Additionally, the company indicated that they have already begun to experience an increase in shipments of GPUs, so it should be easier to start finding their products in the stores. Of course, with this wait, and with the launch of the AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series just around the corner, we are sure that the demand now will not be the same.

Through its official ROG UK Twitter account, Asus published the following information stating that the UK shipments are increasing for GeForce RTX 30 Series this month, although demand is still very high:

“We know the demands for these new 30 Series Graphics Cards are causing frustration for a lot of you. We see the messages and the comments and we are trying our hardest to get the graphics cards into your hands as quick as we can. To update you all, we are seeing UK shipments increase in November, and we’ll be shipping as fast as possible to distributors and etailers.

Asus, TUF and ROG 30 Series GeForce RTX graphics cards are constantly in production and are being shipped as soon as they physically can be. We apologise that this is a frustrating time but please make sure you check your order status as frequently as you can and look for any direct communication with your chosen vendor. We will be updating our partners and issuing a joint message regularly with any updates to our supplies so that both us and your chosen etailer or retailer can communicate to you exact and correct information. Thank you for sticking with us, it’ll be worth the wait.”

It is worth mentioning that Asus is not alone in this situation, since there are other board partners who are also struggling to meet the high demand for RTX 30 Series video cards.

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