Battlefield 2042 Specialist Guide: Everything About BF 2042 Specialist

Battlefield 2042

Out of the whole Battlefield Franchise, 2042 is the latest and greatest, coming with a whole set of new chaotic entities to push the gameplay even further. Alongside all the enemies, there are even environmental threats on your way. Because of the huge number of players around 128 on the gigantic map, you often tend to become confused with your specialist choice. For that specific reason, we have here a guide to help you decide on the Specialists.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists:

It depends on yourself, which type of specialist is in your favor. There are a total of around 10 specialists and each one has a unique set of traits. Yes, there are Gadgets and Passives associated with each specialist you choose. 

On the other hand, there are weapons in the game that every specialist can use. The reason behind it is not being a regular class system. In Battlefield 2042, there are specialists, not classes. For that reason, you can only point out a few changes, rather than a lot.


Namely, there are 10 types of specialists in Battlefield 2042:


Angel is a type of helping hand to the allies, aiding in combat with either ammo, load out or revive.

  • Trauma Specialist; the passive of Angel is that you can revive the ally and the revived person has armor points filled to the bonus.
  • Loadout Crate; you can give the comrades with ammo and also armor. Except for all this, you can swap the load out with fellows but at specific location targets.


Sundance has environmental-based abilities allowing you to change grenades and replace your flying parachute.

  • Wingsuit Operator; the passive for Sundance involves a change of wingsuit in exchange for a parachute. This wingsuit is incredible if you want to get the distance covered quickly in this massive map.
  • Smart Explosive; grenades are very essential to have in Battlefield 2042 and Sundance Gadget allows you to change between the EMP, Anti-Armor, and Scatter explosives.


Spotting enemies in Battlefield 2042 is way harder than you can imagine and Boris is all about torrents that spot the enemies and automation.

  • Sentry Operator; the passive for Boris is related to the sentry gun, which automatically spots the enemies in range.
  • SG-36 Sentry Gun; within a range, there will be a torrent deployed that allows you to engage and spot enemies.


Rao is a hacker who can very much take control of vehicles and reveal enemies through a kill.

  • Trojan Network; in terms of passive you get to reveal the certain enemies in range but only when you kill the hacked target.
  • Cyber Warfare Suite; Rao has a gadget that allows you to hack stuff, resulting in environmental effects triggering, disabling of rangers, and even hacking the whole system of vehicles.


Same as the name suggests, Casper is based on the target movement spot and disorienting enemies through the blast.

  • Movement Sensor; the passive ability involves tracking enemies that are hiding behind you. There is an indication on the screen’s bottom side about that enemy.
  • OV-P Recon Drone; Casper can use the gadgets to stun enemies through the use of EMP blast, spot the targets that are moving and also lock onto enemies through the weapons.


Wall banging and knowing the location of enemies in Battlefield 2042 are two blessings. Paik can help you spot enemies behind the wall and get to know who is attacking you.

  • Threat Perception; if you are getting damage from someone, this passive will reveal the enemy.
  • EMG-X Scanner; Paik has a gadget HUD that allows you to know the location of enemies that are behind the wall. You can wall bang then if you like.


When endurance is your priority Dozer is the Specialist to choose

  • Blast Resistant; as a passive dozer takes a minimum amount of explosive damage.
  • Ballistic Shield; you can put up a Dozer shield to be safe from damage, fire, and also ram enemies on your way.


If agility is your style, then Mackay is the one to pick

  • Nimble; this passive allows you to be quick while having ADS
  • Grappling Hook; you can throw rope and pull. it is known as the Mackay gadget.


Both a healer and damage doer, Fleck is a bit similar to Angel

  • Combat Surgeon; this passive allows you to revive allows and with a complete health bar.
  • S21 Syrette Pistol; this pistol is a syringe that heals allies and does damage to enemies.


Taking advantage of downed enemies, the Irish can also protect allies from explosives or bullets.

  • Veteran; passive of Irish involved use of downed enemies by gaining armor and bonuses.

Fortification System; there is a cover deployed that is saved from the bullets. Or you can also use a Trophy that destroys projectiles.