DayZ Update 1.38 Patch Notes Brings Several Fixes and Increases Controller Camera Sensitivity Settings


The Bohemia Interactive-developed zombie survival game DayZ has received an update 1.38 on console! This hotfix will resolve a number of minor issues. You can read the update 1.38 patch notes below to find out exactly what’s changed.

The DayZ Update 1.38 fixes numerous issues in the game. Some of the most significant ones include: fixing a flag pole problem, a fix for the engine starting animation, and a bug that made cooking on a gas stove take a particularly long time. Another issue is that the vertical camera settings didn’t persist after restarting the game. Additionally, some player bodies would no longer be removed from equipment after skinning, and buried items would still have the option to be buried.

Dayz Console Update 1.38 Patch Notes – April 28, 2022


  • When kindling or fuel items in a fireplace became ruined, it was not possible to add the same item again.
  • Fixed a game lag when killing infected.
  • It was not possible to lower the flag from the flag pole.
  • It was possible to skip the engine starting animation for vehicles.
  • The camera would zoom briefly when using eye focus during certain actions.
  • Cooking on the gas stove would take exceptionally long.
  • Vertical camera settings were not saved after restarting the game.
  • Player bodies would not leave their equipment after being skinned and quartered.
  • Buried items would still show option to bury.


  • Increased the maximum on the controller camera sensitivity settings.

The new update will cause a short period of server downtime in order to deploy the bug fixes and other changes. The timeframe varies by platform, but the maintenance schedule for the PC and Xbox/PlayStation versions is four AM PT / seven am ET, 12PM BST & 1pm CST.

During this downtime, you will have to reinstall the game. Fortunately, this update is only temporary, and will be available again for you to download as soon as you’re ready to play!