Lost Ark: How to Get the Sway Emote

Lost Ark

The Sway Emote in Lost Ar is a character skill that lets you display a cool dance in the game. It’s one of the required skills for the quest, Eto on Edge. You can get it from Danidani island, which is located in the Pleccia quadrant. The Sway emote is the reward for completing this quest. You’ll need 2,500 points and a 20% team progression in the Teams event to use it.

The Sway Emote is a choice dance that can be unlocked by completing certain quests in the game. This particular emote requires boat travel, and you’ll need to unlock this option once you’ve completed the East Luterra questline. This will allow you to hire Eshu as a crew member. You can then practice the Sway emote in public by using the yellow exclamation symbol.

Sway Emote
Sway Emote

How to Get Sway Emote in Lost Ark?

To get the Sway Emote, you have to perform a special quest. To do so, you must stand on the stage within a glowing orange circle. Type the command /cheer and then tap the screen. If you don’t have the command, you can use the “/applaud” emote, or you can clap your hands. To get the Sway Emote in Lost Ark, you must talk to the Hermes Maker, and he will perform a task for you.

The Sway Emote in the Lost Ark can be obtained by visiting the Peyto Island, which is the first island southwest of Pleccia. There, you can find a NPC called Danidani. She will show you a flash mob dance along with the Mokokos, and you will be rewarded with the Sway emote after completing this quest.

Peyto Island Map
Peyto Island Map

After you finish this quest, you can move to the next location to get the Sway Emote. Then, you need to visit Producer Hermes and talk to him. Hermes will then ask you to make your debut by dancing. Once you’ve done so, type “/dance in Circle” and it will impress Hermes. Once you’ve received your Sway emote, you can proceed to the next step in the story.

How to Use Sway Emote?

To learn how to use the Sway emote in Lost Ark, you’ll need the Song of Resonance. It’s not difficult to get the item, but the first thing you need is the Song of Resonance. This is a rare weapon that you’ll need to craft in order to use it. However, there are some other ways to earn the Sway emote.

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