GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose DLC Launches March 16

Los Santos Drug Wars

Rockstar Games has officially announced the next chapter in its ongoing story arc in Grand Theft Auto Online, titled “The Last Dose.” This update will bring five new missions to the game and will also offer players a conclusion to the overarching Los Santos Drug Wars storyline.

The first part of this arc, titled “The First Dose,” started back in December, with the story focused around a group of misfit criminal up-and-comers called the Fooliganz. They have their sights set on dominating the psychedelic trade in Southern San Andreas and need your help to achieve their goals.

In the meantime, Rockstar has released a number of DLC updates for the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars expansion, including new cars and vehicles. Most of the new content was drip-feed in nature, so players would be able to get a taste of all the DLC had to offer until the big finale launched.

One of the more interesting features of this latest drip-feed is the new 50-car Eclipse Blvd Garage that can be accessed by any GTA+ member. There are also a number of Stash Houses that have been added to the map, as well as some dead drops that contain GTA$ and other goodies.

Another cool feature from this drip-feed is the new Acid Lab. It’s a business that allows you to manufacture and sell your own Acid for cash, but you will need to keep up on supplies as well.