Halo Infinite All Vehicles List

Halo Infinite

The sandbox in Halo games is constantly loaded with diverse items to play around with, such as cars. Halo Infinite, the forthcoming game from 343 Industries, is no exception, with a handful of vehicles returning. We’re keeping track of every vehicle we’ve discovered so far that players may use in both the narrative and the free-to-play multiplayer suite’s map list.

Halo Infinite Vehicles List

It’s important to remember that Halo Infinite is being developed as a platform, which means that fresh content will be added throughout the game’s lifespan. It’s reasonable to suppose that, in addition to the weapon lists and range of equipment, more vehicles will be launched throughout time. Past vehicles from different Halo games, as well as wholly new machines and versions of current vessels, might be included.


Since Halo: Combat Evolved, players have had access to the Banshee, an airborne vehicle. It’s incredibly manoeuvrable, with the ability to accelerate and perform flips and barrel rolls. The Banshee is unique in that it has two guns: a rotating plasma cannon similar to the Ghost and a “heavy” Fuel Rod Cannon armament for targeting vehicles.


The Brute Chopper is back, this time in the Banished form. This vehicle was initially featured in Halo 3, however, it hasn’t been a part of the Halo vehicle roster until now, except appearances in the Halo Wars games. The driver is protected by the front-facing armor, making it ideal for tight manoeuvres and savage vehicular murder.


Since Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, the Ghost has appeared in every Halo game. It’s a little vehicle with a lot of manoeuvrability. It isn’t the most highly armored or equipped with the most powerful weapons, but it is exceedingly swift. This is a Banished variation, with a massive front capable of slamming opponents on the battlefield.


This is a Mongoose variation with twin machine cannons mounted on the front. Although it is extremely light, a skillful driver can remain ahead of opposing fire while dealing damage. Because of its small weight, obtaining a vehicular manslaughter conviction is difficult but not impossible.


With Halo 3, the Mongoose was introduced as a light ATV that could dart across the battlefield. It has enough room to carry a companion, so savvy collaboration may make it into a heavy weapons platform with a glass cannon. However, the driver and rider are exposed, and the Mongoose will not withstand persistent gunfire.


The current Razorback model, which was originally a specialized offshoot of the classic Warthog, is the product of a thorough design study that integrated lessons learned from intensive testing programs on multiple nearly unexplored worlds. Even without onboard weapon systems, the Razorback’s up-armored design and greater cargo capacity make it a potential battlefield alternative alongside its more common porcine cousin.

Rocket Warthog

To be honest, the Rocket Warthog is self-explanatory. The machine gun in the back has been replaced with twin rocket launchers, making it a normal three-Spartan Warthog. It’s less accurate, but it has a higher chance of turning foes into burning craters.


The Scorpion is the most well-known Halo tank. It has several hundred tonnes of armour and a powerful gun, allowing it to withstand rocket attacks and convert anything lighter than another tank into molten slag. It’s generally only accessible in Big Team Battle modes on larger maps for obvious reasons.


The Warthog is the most recognisable vehicle in the Halo universe. It’s a light armoured vehicle with a passenger seat that’s useful for scouting, infantry combat, seizing an enemy flag, or mowing down Grunts. It isn’t particularly good at any one thing, but it is quite good at everything else, making it a decent pick for almost everything.


The AV-49 has experienced growing broad use in situations and circumstances where adaptability and low-profile operations are important. It is quick to create and easy to maintain and optimize.


A Covenant tank is first seen in Halo: Combat Evolved. The Wraith is a highly armoured vehicle with an arcing plasma mortar gun that first appeared in Halo 2. It takes more precise shots than the Scorpion, but it can also reach behind cover owing to the arcing explosion.

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In Halo: Combat Evolved, a Covenant tank was first seen. The Wraith, originally seen in Halo 2, is a heavily armoured vehicle with an arcing plasma mortar armament. It has more precise shots than the Scorpion, but because of the arcing explosion, it may also reach beyond the cover.