Ajjubhai Free Fire ID, Lifetime Stats, and Other Details in 2022

Ajjubhai id

Because of the growing viewership, content development and streaming have become a feasible choice for many gamers. The number of content creators in Free Fire has increased as a result of the game’s widespread popularity.

If you’re a die-hard Free Fire fan, you’ll recognize Ajjubhai, better known by his channel’s moniker, ‘Total Gaming.’ Many athletes look up to him, and he has a large fan following. We’ll go through Ajjubhai’s in-game information including his Free Fire ID, UID, Stats, and Other Details.

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID or UID

Ajjubhai, Free Fire ID number is 451012596, and his IGN is ajjubhai94.

Ajjubhai’s lifetime stats in Free Fire:

Ajjubhai Lifetime Stats in Free Fire

Ajjubhai 94 has played in 12824 squad games till the time of writing this post, winning 3057 of them for a 23.838% percent victory rate. With a K/D ratio of 5.09 and average damage of 1705 per match, he has 49742 kills.

When it comes to dual-mode, he has played 1827 games and won 357 of them, equivalent to a 19.54 percent victory rate. The streamer currently has 7286 kills and a kill-to-death ratio of 4.96.

In single mode, the YouTuber has played 1021 games and won 76 of them, giving him a 7.444 percent victory percentage. With a K/D ratio of 2.80, he has a total of 2595 kills.

His YouTube channel:

Ajjubhai’s YouTube channel name is Total Gaming. He has been producing his gameplay videos for roughly a year and a half. His debut video was uploaded to his YouTube channel in December of 2018. He’s come a long way since then, with over a thousand videos on his YouTube account. His channel currently has 30.6M subscribers and over billions of views combined.

He also runs the ‘Total Gaming Live’ YouTube channel, where he broadcasts and shares videos on the fast-paced battle royale.