Halo Infinite Story Details and Campaign Duration Leaked (Spoilers) – Rumor

Halo Infinite

After it was rumored that Halo Infinite could be delayed, new details on the story, campaign and game duration emerge through a leak that we invite you to take with a huge grain of salt. We would also like to warn you that the information provided could be spoilers, so if you do not want to advance further on what awaits you, do not continue reading.

According to a report by an anonymous user on 4chan, there should be 25 main missions in the campaign of Halo Infinite, with a duration of the game around 20 hours, together with another 35 secondary missions that add an additional 15 hours to the experience, for a total of about 35 hours of the campaign that do not include the search for collectibles, easter eggs or whatever.

Check the leaked information below:

Skulls return, and are hold-able much like it was in Halo 3.

25 Main Missions all feature Chief as the playable character.

Side missions are unlocked when beating a main mission, and feature a different playable character, as they take place concurrently with the mission that unlocked them. Each main mission can unlock anywhere from 0 to 3 side missions.

All missions, main and side, will be launch-able from the main menu at anytime after unlocking them, so you don’t have to worry about missing a side mission if you journey ahead.

The featured characters that will be in the side missions include:
Kelly, Linda, Fred, Jerome, Alice, Douglas, Palmer, Locke, Buck, Vale, Tanaka, Arbiter, Atriox, Let ‘Volir

After beating the campaign you will unlock a new mode: Exploration Mode.

Which lets you explore the open world environments without being restricted to the campaign, as your multiplayer spartan too. the locations include, Installation 07, Installation 04C, The Arc, Earth, and Reach. As well as 1 more location I wont mention as it would be a HUGE spoiler for the main story.

Playable elites return to multiplayer with full armor customization, along with the introduction of playable Brutes, however brute customization is limited, akin to how elite customization worked in Reach.

REQ weapons and vehicles will not return in Halo Infinite, except for a select few, but they will live on as Weapon Skins instead for Weapon Skin supported guns. Most notably Oathsworn and Nornfang, which will be used by Kelly and Linda respectively.

Since this leak emerges from 4chan, it should be always taken with due caution, waiting for an official announcement from the publishers itself.

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