Hideo Kojima Not Interested In New Silent Hills Revival, Insider Claims

Hideo Kojima Silent Hills

Will we see a new Silent Hills from Hideo Kojima anytime soon? Leaker and insider Dusk Golem is skeptical about it and refers to other deals that the game designer will probably accept.

It has been rumored for quite some time that Konami will bring back the Silent Hills series. It was rumored, among other things, that there were discussions between the publisher and Hideo Kojima. The last-named game designer once worked on a game called Silent Hills, which was the so-called P.T. demo.

Due to the differences between Konami and Kojima, the development was discontinued, the P.T. demo disappeared from the PlayStation Store and the Metal Gear creator left the publisher. The game designer then worked on Death Stranding in his new studio Kojima Productions.

But could Hideo Kojima really take up the Silent Hills series again? In principle, this assumption should not be excluded. But the next game from Kojima Productions is obviously a different project.

According to Leaker and insider Dusk Golem (AestheticGamer), Hideo Kojima has more than one offer to fund his next project. And one of these deals apparently caught the eye of the game designer and producer. Ultimately it sounds like Kojima is not planning to return to “Silent Hills” or “Silent Hill” for the time being.

In a Resetera thread about the return of the Silent Hill series, Dusk Golem emphasized: “Let’s just say there’s another deal he’s probably going to end up taking instead of this, he has more than one offer for funding his next project.” Ultimately, the insider suspects that Kojima will pass on the Silent Hills offer.

Regardless of who will develop a new Silent Hills, Dusk Golem believes that such a title would fit in with the times: ” I actually think a new Silent Hill game with good reception and marketing could do better than any of the past titles, horror games saw a big boom in popularity within the last 10 years (which SH has been mostly absent from), and Silent Hill’s reputation has actually exponentially improved in the last decade. I think a new good Silent Hill game could potentially do better than any of the past entries honestly.”

Rajesh Vish
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