iMovie 3.0 Update Adds Magic Movie, Storyboards and More


Apple’s iMovie software is getting a major 3.0 update with Magic Movie and Storyboards. These new tools are designed to make the process of creating videos much easier, and are free to download from the App Store. With the addition of these tools, you can create professional-quality videos with ease. If you’ve been wanting to try out Magic Movie, the new update includes pre-designed templates and the ability to share videos with other Apple devices.

Using Storyboards, users can create customized video projects with more features. For example, they can create a video about a new product and label each section with its pros and cons.

You can also make a video about yourself with storyboards for different subjects, such as cooking, gaming, celebration, and about me. Alternatively, you can create your own storyboard, and edit the suggested elements of the storyboard.

Whether you’re creating a movie for a friend or for your own personal use, you’ll love Magic Movie. It makes it easy to edit your project and add styles. With Magic Movie, you’ll never be stuck creating a movie again.

So, why not start creating your next masterpiece today? The new version of iMovie makes video-making even simpler!

Apple has also added new storyboard templates for iMovie. These templates can help editors visualize what they need to create a narrative-style video. Storyboards even include step-by-step instructions for shooting different types of video. Magic Movie is an extra feature that streamlines the video-creation process for newcomers. You can also add music and use other apps to share your final creation.

The latest iMovie 3.0 is now available to download for both the iPhone and the iPad (iOS 15.2 or iPad OS 15.2 are also required).