Fracked VR Action Game Coming to PCVR on May 5

Fracked VR

A new VR action game is coming to PCVR on May 5: Fracked. Its combination of free running, skimming, and climbing gameplay is sure to impress VR fans. But what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look. Here are three reasons Fracked stands out from its competitors. Firstly, it uses similar technologies to PlayStation VR. In addition, some of them are essential while others enhance the experience.

Lone Echo was an early VR hit in 2017. It follows an android named Jack who teams up with a captain to try to fix damage caused by a spatial anomaly. Developer Ready at Dawn announced a sequel four years ago. Now, the game is coming to PC as one of the last exclusives from Facebook for the Oculus Rift. It also features some new characters, including Jason Isaacs.

“It’s been fantastic to see the love that Fracked has received from players and critics alike since its PlayStation VR launch last year,” said David Corless, VP of Publishing at nDreams. “We’re excited to give new audiences the chance to experience the thrill of Fracked’s high-octane action as they fight to save the world!”

Fracked VR also features a variety of free movement methods. For example, players can physically lean on skis to master slopes while climbing at high speed. They can also reach out and grab onto ziplines above ground.

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The game is also a commentary on climate change and corporate greed. And a ten-hour campaign is a nice touch for VR enthusiasts. However, some may find Fracked’s combat frustrating and unrealistic. Vertigo 2 is also an upcoming single-player VR game. This follows the first Vertigo, which launched in 2016.

The game will continue Harry Potter’s journey home, complete with life-destroying reactors, aliens from other universes, and android security forces. Another upcoming VR game is The Last Clockwinder, due in Summer 2022. This game will allow players to control the movement of clockwork devices.