Oculus Quest 3 – Release Date, Price, Specs, Preorder and Rumors

Oculus Quest 2

If you’re interested to know about the upcoming version of the popular Oculus Quest VR headset, then you may be wondering when the Oculus Quest 3 is expected to be released. This article will discuss expected features, price rumors, and pre-order dates. To answer your questions, read on! There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the next generation of VR headsets, so you’ll want to get the latest information as soon as possible.

When Will the Oculus Quest 3 Be Released?

Oculus has been teasing its next generation of VR headsets for quite some time. Currently, the Quest 2 is the most popular VR headset. It has an outstanding 120Hz refresh rate and outperforms the competition by several standards.

Now, coming back to the upcoming device, currently there is no details available on when the Meta will launch the Oculus Quest 3. Some have speculated that this next-generation device will have a different design and specs than the Quest 2.

According to Brad Lynch, Oculus will be releasing the Quest 3 at their 2023 Meta Connect event. The VR headset is expected to be released in October 2023, one year after Quest 2.

According to Lynch, the release date of Quest 3 is likely to follow a similar timeline. Oculus also hinted at a new device, the Quest Pro. But the company has not released any specs yet.

Oculus Quest 3 Expected Price Rumors

There is currently no details available about the price of the upcoming Quest 3 VR headset.

Oculus is rumored to be releasing a new VR headset by the next year in 2023. The company hasn’t confirmed any details yet, but based on the current features of Quest 2, we can guess about the device’s specs.

Some speculation suggests that Meta will use uOLED panels, a more recent version of OLED technology, for the Quest 3. This would be the first mass-market device to use uOLED panels. Changxin Technology, which makes Meta Quest 2, is one of the companies that manufactures the device.

The Oculus Quest 3 is still in the development stage, but there are several key features to look for. First and foremost, it will be equipped with a higher-resolution display than its predecessor.

The Oculus Quest 2 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip, which is expected to be upgraded to a proprietary chipset. The upcoming device will also feature improved battery life and improved movement tracking. It is expected to be available by the end of 2023.

When Will Oculus Quest 3 Pre-Order Start?

Oculus isn’t ready to announce when their new VR headset will be available, but we know that it will arrive sometimes in next year. They’re teasing a high-end VR headset called Project Cambria, but it won’t replace the Quest 2. That means the Quest 2 might be around until 2023, and then it will have to wait until 2023 before Oculus can release the Quest 3 for pre-order.

While Oculus Quest 2 had a slow start, it sold out in five days, which was impressive. But this shouldn’t be a concern for Quest 3’s pre-order period.

This VR headset will be available next year, so the developer will probably work hard to make the wait worthwhile. And because the VR headset isn’t a cheap device, pre-ordering it early is a great way to get one before the general public.

Oculus Quest 3 Expected Features?

What Can We Expect From the Oculus Quest 3? It’s likely to have next-level hardware, easy setup, and seamless connection to Facebook. But what about its other features? The Oculus team has hinted that it’s working on a third headset. The company CEO confirmed that the team is working on a new Quest. The company’s current plans are to make a consumer-friendly VR headset.

The display is expected to feature a 120Hz refresh rate. While the Quest 2 also supports a 120Hz refresh rate, the new headset is expected to be more powerful. A 120Hz refresh rate would improve the overall experience for VR users, especially those who suffer from motion sickness.

In addition, the Quest 3’s processor may be an upgraded version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 used in the Quest 2. If this is true, the next generation Oculus headset will probably also have custom silicon.

Oculus Quest 3 Specs and Hardware Details

The Oculus Quest 3 is a new virtual reality headset in the works and it’s expected to be released sometime around 2023. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the company is working on it in a recent earnings call. As far as hardware is concerned, it will most likely be the Oculus Quest 2 Pro and will be a step up from the original Quest.

The Quest 3 might be the last VR headset in the lineup. While there’s a big hype surrounding the Quest 2, Oculus is not likely to want to compete with a more powerful VR headset from Apple.

As it stands, the Quest 3 could have an upgraded SOC, improved refresh rate, and better displays. The Oculus Go and Rift S are now discontinued. The Quest 3 will be released as a replacement for the current Quest 2 and compete with it when it comes out.