Sony and Nintendo to Update Subscription Guidelines

PlayStation Plus

The Competition and Markets Authority has closed an investigation into the online gaming industry. The investigation focused on the auto-renewal policies and terms and conditions for online gaming subscriptions. It was concerned that customers may be locked into paying for a service they no longer want.

Fortunately, both Nintendo and Sony have agreed to update their subscription guidelines. The UK consumer watchdog is concerned that people will no longer feel locked into an unmanageable number of subscriptions for gaming services.

One of the primary reasons for changing the subscription guidelines is the demise of many digital game stores. The PlayStation Plus subscription starts at 6.99 pounds ($9.1) per month in the United Kingdom, while Nintendo Switch Online costs 3.49 pounds.

Both companies did not respond to Reuters requests for comment. However, Sony and Nintendo have said they will continue to offer subscriptions for their older games. Sony and Nintendo are moving toward making their games only available via subscription. This will make older games easier to find.

Both companies are focused on delivering content on different platforms. Sony is betting on exclusive titles to drive sales, while Nintendo is focusing on its own games and in-house studios. With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the company has launched popular franchises such as God of War and The Last of Us.

The ability to generate revenue from games is one of the major factors for platform owners, especially with the recent coronavirus pandemic. Nintendo, on the other hand, has a rich catalog of intellectual property. Animal Crossing and Super Mario have sold millions of copies on the Switch console.

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