Intel Arc A40 Pro Spotted at South Korean RRA Certification Site

Intel Arc A40 Pro

The launch date for the Arc desktop GPU, the Intel Arc A40 Pro, has been pushed back yet again by Intel. After the A350M mobile GPU appeared at the end of Q1 this year, the Arc A380 desktop gaming SKU was unveiled in the second half of the quarter. Now, the A40 Pro should launch sometime during September. However, there are some major concerns.

While the Arc GPU is still unknown, the company has recently received certification from the South Korean National Radio Research Agency for its Alchemist series. Although the company hasn’t officially announced the new GPU, the A40 Pro SKU is expected to be introduced soon. The chip will also feature four GB of memory and will correspond to the A350M and A370M series customer PCs.

Regulatory Office
Intel Arc A40 Pro, Source: RRA

Although the launch date of the Arc GPU is unknown, Intel has a history of releasing hardware. Previously, it has partnered with external partners to develop its graphics cards. However, it hasn’t provided more information than this. The company only confirmed a general release date and hasn’t given more details. However, it has promised great performance for its new graphics cards. Therefore, the company has made a strong case for the ARC GPU.

Source: RRA