Intel Arrow Lake-P with 320EU GPU Confirmed Through Leak

intel arrow lake

Intel’s Arrow Lake-P architecture is confirmed for 2024, according to new leak. The new chip will use three nodes and will feature Intel’s data-aggregation strategy. This CPU is similar to the current Kaby Lake CPU. AMD Ryzen will also include the new CPU, but if this is true, then it will be a big surprise. Let’s look at some of the specs that are currently leaking out.

The first rumored feature was the 320EU GPU, which is said to have the highest level of performance. The company previously revealed that the CPUs will have 192 EU, but that was later pushed back.

Besides that, Intel also confirmed that its next-generation processor, the Meteor Lake, will have 1536 shaders. It is unclear if the company will use the same manufacturing process for the two generations.

The iGPU of the new mobile processor is expected to feature a 320 EU design. This chip would be able to match the performance of a mainstream desktop card.

Moreover, Intel has revealed that the Meteor Lake chips will have 192 EU and 1536 shaders. Regardless of the model, the 320EU GPU will be a great deal more powerful than the current offerings.