Intel Meteor Lake CPU With DDR5 & PCIe 5.0 Available in 2022 – Report

Intel Meteor Lake

Even if the current roadmap of Intel is focused on 10nm Tiger Lake processors, with fresh details on the upcoming Tiger Lake H and next generation Alder Lake, more news comes from the net that definitively confirms existence – as well as the current stage of development – of Meteor Lake processors.

According to a report by Phoronix, the introduction of Meteor Lake CPU support in a recent Linux kernel patch has been identified, a sign of how the company is working on this project which, as you probably remember, did not start out in the best way. Meteor Lake, which should identify the 13 generation Core, will in fact be the first series of Intel processors to be built with 7nm technology, a production process that has created many problems for the company with consequent and criticized postponements.

Meteor Lake will be the direct successor of Alder Lake, a solution from which it will also inherit the new approach to hybrid architecture in the big.LITTLE style; according to current information, these CPUs will use a combination of high-performance “Golden Cove” cores, balanced by more efficient cores of the “Gracemont” series.

Intel’s Meteor Lake lineup should go against the Zen 4 (5nm) architecture-based AMD processors, offering native support for DDR5 memory and PCI-Express 5.0 standard among other things. As for the actual market debut, you will need to have some patience because we won’t see these products before the end of 2022 (early 2023).

Intel Meteor Lake should also be designed for the LGA 1700 socket as well as Alder Lake. Today’s LGA 1200 will have only a short life, compared to the LGA1151, which has been warming up on the market due to Intel’s problems for too long. We can automatically count on support for DDR5 memory and also with a new version of PCIe 5.0, maybe already.


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