Kirara Build Guide for Genshin Impact: Unleashing the Power of the Flame


Welcome, Travelers, to Teyvat! In this guide, we will delve into the fiery world of Kirara, a powerful Pyro character in Genshin Impact. As a versatile and agile character, Kirara possesses immense potential for both DPS and support roles. Whether you’re new to Genshin Impact or looking to optimize your Kirara build, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations to maximize her potential.

Understanding Kirara’s Abilities:

Before diving into the build, let’s briefly discuss Kirara’s abilities. She wields a Claymore and specializes in Pyro damage. Her elemental skill, Flamestrike, allows her to dash forward, dealing Pyro damage to enemies in her path and leaving behind a Flame Whirl, which continues to deal Pyro damage over time.

Kirara’s elemental burst, Phoenix Sword, unleashes a stream of fire, dealing Pyro damage to nearby enemies. After the burst ends, the Phoenix Sword remains, dealing continuous Pyro damage to enemies within its AoE.

Optimal Kirara Build:

To make the most of Kirara’s potential, it’s crucial to select the right weapons, artifacts, and team composition. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended build for Kirara:

  1. Weapons:
    • Skyward Pride: This 5-star Claymore is an excellent choice, providing increased damage, energy recharge, and a helpful ability that increases the attack speed of Kirara’s normal and charged attacks.
    • Prototype Archaic: A 4-star alternative, it offers high base attack and an ability that deals AoE damage upon normal or charged attacks.
  2. Artifacts:
    • Crimson Witch of Flames (4-piece set): This artifact set enhances Kirara’s Pyro damage, increasing both her normal and charged attack damage, as well as the duration of Pyro-infused elemental skills and bursts. Focus on maximizing her ATK%, Pyro DMG Bonus%, and CRIT Rate% to amplify her damage output.
    • Alternative: Gladiator’s Finale (2-piece set) paired with Crimson Witch of Flames (2-piece set) can also work well, providing a significant boost to Kirara’s overall damage.
  3. Team Composition:
    • Bennett: As a support character, Bennett’s Elemental Burst ability can heal the team and provide an ATK bonus, synergizing perfectly with Kirara’s DPS role.
    • Xingqiu: His elemental skill and burst abilities provide Hydro damage, which can trigger Vaporize reactions when combined with Kirara’s Pyro attacks, resulting in increased damage output.
    • Fischl: Fischl’s Electro damage, summoned through her elemental skill and burst, complements Kirara’s Pyro abilities, allowing for powerful elemental reactions.

Kirara Playstyle Tips:

To effectively utilize Kirara’s potential, consider the following tips:

  • Utilize Kirara’s Flamestrike to navigate the battlefield quickly and deal damage simultaneously.
  • Cast Kirara’s Phoenix Sword burst ability strategically to maximize damage output during encounters with multiple enemies.
  • Prioritize triggering elemental reactions, such as Vaporize (Hydro + Pyro) or Overloaded (Electro + Pyro), by coordinating with other team members.
  • Use Kirara’s charged attacks for high single-target damage, while normal attacks work well for cleaving through groups of enemies.


With her swift Claymore strikes and fiery Pyro abilities, Kirara is a force to be reckoned with in Genshin Impact. Equipping her with the right weapons, artifacts, and team composition will ensure you have both a good character, but also a great genshin impact account. Remember to experiment with different strategies and playstyles to find the build that suits your gameplay style and team dynamics, as Kirara can play as both a DPS and support. Experiment with different strategies and playstyles to find the build that suits your gameplay style and team dynamics.

Remember to focus on maximizing Kirara’s Pyro damage through artifacts like the Crimson Witch of Flames set, and pair her with characters like Bennett, Xingqiu, and Fischl to trigger powerful elemental reactions. Additionally, prioritize using her Elemental Skill and Burst abilities strategically to optimize her damage output.

Lastly, don’t forget to upgrade Kirara’s talents and level her up to unleash her true potential. As you continue your journey in Teyvat, keep exploring different team compositions and strategies to make the most of Kirara’s abilities.

The world of Genshin Impact is vast and ever-evolving, and with Kirara by your side, you’ll be able to overcome any challenge that comes your way. So, equip your Claymore, ignite the flames, and let Kirara lead you to victory!