New Witcher Saga Announced


CD Projekt Red as Part of a Strategic Partnership with Epic Games has revealed a new Witcher Saga game to be in the works. Although the title is still untitled, the image featured in the teaser confirms a new saga for the franchise. There is no other information available on the release date or development time frame, but it is likely that the game will be set in a time period before Geralt became the Witcher. But even with the announcement, fans are already anticipating the game’s release.

The New Witcher Saga will use the Unreal Engine 5, as the original series used it. This means that the game will be the first official Witcher game since 2015 when the game was first announced. It will focus on a specific school of witchers, and it will feature a new location, possibly Kaer Morhen.

CD Projekt Red is committed to making the new game in the series. The studio previously said that they had a “relatively clear concept” for the new game, but did not offer any other details.

While the announcement is not a complete confirmation, it is a solid sign that the company is determined to deliver the promised product. With so much riding on the success of the previous games, it is safe to say that this latest entry in the franchise is sure to meet those expectations.