NVIDIA Could Announce 7nm Ampere GPUs at GTC 2020


According to reports from Wccftech, NVIDIA could announce during the GTC of March 2020 the new Ampere graphics card, which will be based on the 7nm production process.

The news comes from a new source, according to which the arrival on the GPU market is expected for the second half of the year. The choice of the GTC may not be random, as it is the first important conference for the gaming hardware world, that’s why an announcement during the event would make perfect sense.

Other sites had previously spoken about the Ampere GPU, but recently no new information had emerged about it. A central aspect, now given for sure is the launch in 2020.

However, some analysts recently released a report stating that the NVIDIA Ampere GPUs will lead to a significant increase in performance, compared to a 50% reduction in energy consumption. Central to this aspect could be the 7-nanometer production process.

We had already heard of the NVIDIA Ampere GPUs when they passed the EEC certification, but since then nothing more has been known. Now, however, we have a provisional calendar: they will be launched in 2020. It is very likely that NVIDIA will continue with its RTX philosophy and take it to the next level with Ampere.

The objective would be to improve the support of Ray Tracing with a greater performance for this, in which it is possible to run Ray Tracing games in 1080p and 60 fps with ease. We will keep you informed.


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