NVIDIA Releases Latest GeForce Game Ready Driver 535.98, Offering Enhanced Gaming Experience

Driver 535.98
Image Credits: Driver 535.98

NVIDIA has released its latest GeForce Game Ready Driver version 535.98, designed to provide gamers with the ultimate gaming experience. This new driver update includes various optimizations and bug fixes, ensuring smooth gameplay for the latest new games featuring DLSS 3 technology, such as Diablo IV. Moreover, the Game Ready Driver also supports the launch of titles that utilize NVIDIA DLSS 2 technology, including System Shock.

One of the highlights of the GeForce Game Ready Driver 535.98 is the implementation of DLSS 3 technology, which enhances gaming visuals by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. With DLSS 3, players can expect improved graphics, increased performance, and an overall immersive gaming experience in compatible games like Diablo IV.

Additionally, NVIDIA has addressed several bugs and issues in this driver release. Some of the gaming-related bugs that have been fixed include the problem of games crashing when applying GeForce Experience Freestyle filters. By resolving this issue (identified as bug number 4008945), NVIDIA ensures a more stable gaming environment for users.

The 535.98 driver version also brings fixes for general bugs. For instance, users who encountered monitor flickering upon waking from display sleep when DSR/DLDSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) was enabled (bug number 3592260) will no longer experience this issue. Another resolved bug (identified as bug number 4050712) pertains to rendering issues in SOLIDWORKS 2023 when Enhanced Graphics Performance is enabled.

Moreover, users relying on MAGIX Vegas Pro will appreciate the fix for the preview malfunction on certain notebooks (bug number 4067005). Additionally, those utilizing TouchDesigner can expect improved performance while using Vulkan (bug number 3952439). Furthermore, an abnormal termination issue with Nsight Tools (bug number 4056470), which previously necessitated a reboot, has been resolved in this driver release.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Game Ready Driver 535.98 is now available for download from the official NVIDIA website. Gamers are encouraged to update their graphics drivers to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the latest games. By constantly refining its software, NVIDIA aims to deliver an exceptional gaming experience for its users.