Paper Mario: The Origami King Is Coming To Nintendo Switch on July 17

Paper Mario: The Origami King

A new episode of the Paper Mario series has just been revealed by Nintendo. Called Paper Mario: The Origami King, this new installment of the license from Intelligent Systems marks the return of the paper adventures of our favorite plumber with a first introduction to the Nintendo Switch.

Little information has been given yet but the trailer broadcasted by Nintendo allows us to know a little more about the title. From a scriptwriting point of view, it seems that the Mushroom Kingdom is attacked by a new kind of enemy in the person of King Origami: gifted with powers drawn from these very popular Japanese folds, this odious criminal seems to have taken our poor Princess Peach while taking advantage to launch a curse turning her victims into origami.

You will understand, Paper Mario: The Origami King puts this creative leisure in the spotlight, both in its story and in its gameplay if we believe the scenes broadcasted in the trailer below.

As the tradition of the series requires, Mario will be accompanied by new partners among whom is probably Bowser, also a victim of the spell of King Origami. We can also see a Toad dressed in an explorer outfit and a Bob-Omb further, but difficult to know if they are playable characters or simply NPCs that we will meet during the adventure.

The other key point of Paper Mario: The Origami King concerns its combat system. It’s no secret that the series lost its popularity to players in the Wii, 3DS and Wii U episodes, which had greatly reduced the RPG dimension of the series. What about this Switch iteration? It seems that a new rather original combat system is in the spotlight: your enemies will be placed in a circle around you and you will have the possibility of having them line up to increase your attack power.

One thing is certain: Paper Mario: The Origami King will be beautiful, as evidenced in the trailer which showed very beautiful decorations with many varieties and colors. Last information and not the least: the game will be released on July 17 on Nintendo Switch!

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