PlayStation 5 Will Be Backward Compatible With Over 100 PS4 Games at Launch

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We already knew that PlayStation 5 would be backward compatible with PS4, although now, Mark Cerny, its architect, has been a little more specific with its operation and has specified that during the launch it will only be backward compatible with “almost all” the most popular games on the said console. In other words, we will not be able to play all our PS4 titles on the new machine. This and many other details have been released recently in an extensive presentation.

As Cerny himself explained, the list of backward compatible games will be approximately 100 during the premiere of this new platform and to select them the company has based itself on the data collected on which ones have been the most played and which ones have accumulated more gameplay hours on the part of of the players. Information that is also confirmed on the PlayStation Blog.

This is because the improvements that PS5 adds to PS4 games are not always compatible with the code of all titles, so Sony must do one-by-one tests to optimize them and ensure that they all work correctly. Of course, it ensures that backward compatible games will look better than ever and that the jump they will make when played on the new console will be enormous, both visually and performance-wise.

Another important detail is that it has ensured that the same will not happen as with PlayStation 3, whose first model was backward compatible with PS2 and the rest was not. Or what is the same, all the revisions that are released for PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible.

As you know, yesterday Sony had revealed a lot of information about the PlayStation 5 and in addition to these data that we bring you about the operation of its backward compatibility, you can also find its technical specifications and everything that has been detailed about its storage system.

We remind you that the worldwide launch of PlayStation 5 is scheduled for the end of this year, although we are still waiting to know its exact release date.

Rajesh Vish
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