PlayStation 5 £599.99 Price Leaked on Amazon UK

PlayStation 5 £599.99 Price

Just a few minutes ago, a leak belonging to Amazon UK representing the price of the PlayStation 5 2TB model appeared, but later it was taken down. The information just arrived from the British division of Amazon in the form of an image, not as a link, but it is accompanied by some games that can reinforce its veracity.

A user at Hotukdeals has first published an image of the 2020 Dummy ASIN PS5 1 2TB and, going even further, the shopping cart in which his order appears looks to be transacted. The most relevant fact is that the price marked for this model is £599.99.

In addition, he claims to have also seen the PS5 1TB model for the same price. You can even check the link from where it was claimed to have been used, but it no longer works.

At TechPlusGame, we have not managed to find this tab to check if it exists or is a montage, but in our search, we have come across three PlayStation 5 game titles associated with Konami, Take-Two and Koch Media.

The format is exactly the same, with that Dummy tag indicating that the listing could be true. A Reddit user has managed to observe up to eight different listings, although all but the ones linked above have been removed at the moment.

Amazon already releasing the product’s place holder does not mean that Sony will already present the launch date and price of its next-gen console. However, if in the end, it was more than those £599.99, the store would be forced to sell it for this amount to those who have made the advance purchase.

More expectations for the PlayStation 5 games will be revealed tomorrow at the conference, in which only PS5 games will be showcased and nothing else.

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