PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X First Month Pre-Order Is 10:1 Respectively, According to Nordic Online Retailers

PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X

According to the Nordic online retailers, the pre-orders of PlayStation 5 in Northern Europe are more than that of the Xbox Series X with a ratio of 10:1, confirming the success of the new Sony console in the Northern Europe regions.

As per the source, the total pre-orders of PlayStation 5 in regions of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the very first month of the opening of the pre-orders now stands at 4,413 units for PS5 compared to 444 units of Xbox Series X. “I work for one of the largest Nordic online retailers and I was having some fun with our database. We recently opened up early pre-orders for Playstation 5 and so I decided to break down the numbers and compare them to the launch of PS4. The numbers are combined customers in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and show the first month of pre-orders,” the source said.

This figure, which will be of course verified, seems to be interesting when compared with the first month of pre-orders of PS4 at the same retailer, which registered 2,816 units of PS4. In addition, the user has also revealed the price set as a placeholder for the PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders which is currently set at $999.

The source has also confirmed that in European countries, the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices aren’t actually set for example: “European retailers tend to handle things differently than US ones. I don’t think there are actual MSRPs in Europe for example. Rather, the consoles are sold at a set price to the retailers and they add whatever mark-up they want. I know this has been the case with Nintendo consoles at least. For this launch (and previous launches) we, and other retailers, simply set a place holder price for early pre-orders that will then be corrected once the actual price has been revealed.”

When asked whether the numbers are safe to be published online, the source said: “For several different reasons, yes.” In any case, we would encourage you to take this report with a huge grain of salt.

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