All PlayStation Stars Digital Collectibles Revealed

PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars offers a loyalty program that offers a wide range of digital collectibles for PlayStation 4 owners. These items commemorate past achievements and activities and can be displayed on a player’s PSN profile. Some collectibles are rare and can only be obtained through specific campaign activities. Others can be obtained by earning points through various loyalty campaigns.

Sony has revealed a first look at some of the digital collectibles that players can earn through the PlayStation Stars loyalty programme. This loyalty program rewards gamers for playing games regularly and earning loyalty points. PlayStation Stars rewards these players by offering special rewards for completing certain activities and campaigns. These rewards are exclusive to members of the program.

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program is launching later this month in Asia and Europe. Membership to the program will be free. It is not known when the program will be rolled out across other regions, but it will be rolled out to the region in which the PlayStation is sold.

PlayStation Stars collectibles will not be NFTs, but virtual 3D models of important PlayStation icons. These digital objects can be shared with friends on their PSN profiles.

PlayStation Stars Digital Collectibles

PlayStation Stars loyalty program include rare collectibles and ultra-rare collectibles including a scene with Punto the gondolier from Ape Escape 2, PlayStation 3, PocketStation, Toro and Kuro celebrating a birthday, Chord Machine, and Polygon Man.

PlayStation Stars will first launch on the PlayStation App and will launch for console in the new future. PlayStation Stars will be available starting later this month with Asia (including Japan), and the Americas and Europe to follow at a later date.