Pokemon GO Cobalion & Lugia Raids Will Be Extended This Month

Pokemon GO

Days ago, Niantic revealed its March plans for Pokemon GO, which were marked by a host of legendary creatures coming to the Raids. Among them, the legendary Lugia and Cobalion stood out with exclusive movements. If you were waiting for the date to capture them, then pay attention, because Niantic had changed the availability period.

The developer informed that the return of these Pokémon to Raids will last longer, giving more opportunities for players to capture them. In the case of Cobalion, players will be able to see it in Raids not only during a weekend, but it will start to be available from Tuesday, March 17 to Monday, March 23. Lugia will also be available in Raids for an extended period. The next day, March 24, it will start appearing and will stop appearing until March 31.

The best thing for all players who don’t want to or can’t go out during these periods is that both Legendary Pokémon will be able to appear to the participants and they can win several games in GO Battle League.


These 2 creatures are very special because they will know movements that will be exclusive to this event and that will be very important at a competitive level, since both are attacks of the type of each Pokémon. Cobalion will know the Holy Sword movement and Lugia will be able to use Aerojet.

Users of this title will not want to detach from their cell phones, as this month will be full of events with legendary Pokémon. During this period the mythical Paleozoic Pokémon will even arrive and you can capture it with a special investigation event.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile. Are you ready to catch these Pokémon? Will you try to get them through Raids or the GO Fighting League? Tell us in the comments below.

Rajesh is a video game enthusiast and he is also the editor here at TechPlusGame.com.