PS4 Software Sales Reach 1.18 Billion Units


Gradually, we are reaching the end of the generation (at least, if we talk about Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and the number of sales of gaming consoles decreasing (except for Nintendo Switch which is currently living its best time). On the other hand, when there is a larger video game console base, there is a greater sale of video games than in the first years of the generation, so the figures in software get scary. Sony has revealed to us through a press release how many games have been sold for PS4, and a difficult milestone has been overcome.

Specifically, more than 1,180,000,000 video games (1.18 billion) have been sold since the Sony platform of PS4 was put up for sale at the beginning of the generation. According to market analyst Daniel Ahmad: “To put this into perspective. At the end of 2019, there were 106m PS4’s sold and 1.18bn software sold. The software tie ratio would be 11.1. In other words, each PS4 owner has 11 games for the system on average.”

It is a huge improvement over the 924 million video games that had been sold just a year ago.

The market behavior in this industry is very interesting to be analyzed: although when a platform is launched it usually takes two years to achieve its maximum sales peak, the software sales continues to grow gradually due to several factors: more people playing with this console, more variety of video games and more discounts.


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