PS5 Reportedly Having Overheating Problems; Sony Underestimated Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

PS5 Xbox Series X

There are still several things we don’t know about the PS5 and this has caused much to be said about the Sony console. Now new information has emerged that ensures that the next generation platform is in trouble and that this has its creators concerned.

The information comes from Jeff Rickel, a Twitter user who published an extensive YouTube comment talking about the alleged situation of the PS5. According to this user, the developers feel that Sony was trusted and that it underestimated the efforts that Microsoft would make with the Xbox Series X. The result is a less powerful console than its main competition.

The truly worrying thing about the information is not there. What happened is that Rickel also assured that the console has overheating problems. This causes it not to be able to take full advantage of its power and it is even said that it forced Sony to change the original design of the PlayStation 5. That said, they say they want to avoid a tower design like the Xbox Series X to avoid comparisons.

Another important point to note is that Rickel mentions that developers are having trouble optimizing games for the PS5. The above since Sony does not know if the console will manage to maintain consistent performance.

“You’ve been warned. Sony rested on its laurels and took for granted what was going on. They heard rumors of what Microsoft was doing, but did not believe MS would pull it off,” said Rickel.

It is important to note that this is a rumor shared by a source whose level of confidence is unknown. In fact, the only reason we have published this information is because Daniel Rubino and Jez Corden, journalists from WindowsCentral, claim that they have heard similar things.

Recall that Sony has shared few details about the PlayStation 5. In fact, we know a few technical details, and a few more. This has caused various sources to publish contrasting information about the console.

What we are referring to is that reports like the one presented here join others who say that Sony is having problems with the console’s cooling system and its price. Also, there are those who think that it is very weak compared to the Xbox Series X and that its strong card, the SSD, will not revolutionize open-world games.

On the flip side of the coin, we have developers and engineers who have praised the console architecture and there are even those who say that it is superior to the Microsoft platform in many ways. There are also those who say that it will be a very revolutionary platform.

So, the reality of the PlayStation 5 is still unknown. We can only wait for Sony to decide to be more transparent with its consumers to know what is really happening.

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